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Who we are, What we do and Why we do it <3 

Our Values:   Female peer relationships and woman to woman camaraderie regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, social or economic status, disability, cultural upbringing or past experiences is of the utmost importance in creating collective success.All women have a right and responsibility to uphold mutual respect and dignity for their peers, elders, and youth within their communities. Sufficient resources need to be applied to the intervention and prevention of crisis situations for women to help one another grow collectively toward better futures for ourselves, our families, and our communities.  All women shall be represented, and no one set path to success shall be chosen.  Each woman shall be given tools and resources to find their own individual focus and fulfillment, and have the freedom to define their own achievements.Every woman has the right to equal knowledge and resources in a manner that is linguistically and culturally appropriate.

Our Vision: Her Place envisions a society that brings women together to learn from each other’s unique everyday experiences to become better mothers, daughters, wives, friends, employees and employers.   We see a community of women who have let go of competition and bias, and whom utilize individual accountability to grow intellectually, emotionally, professionally, and socially into a collective of mutual support.

Our Mission: The mission of Her Place is to gather, organize, and create information, resources, and practical applications to assist women and their families emotionally, socially, professionally, and financially.  Her Place seeks to utilize a 24-hour interactive member base within a safe and nurturing meeting place to support members’ personal visions of growth and achievement, as well as to encourage women in positively contributing to communities worldwide.        
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