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Her World, Creative Collections

For Her, About Her, By Her 

Her Place, Any Region brings you ‘Her World, Creative Collections’, a literary journey that will not just touch your soul but also give you an insight into the female mind. Compiled in one single readable book, view life from the eyes of phenomenal female artists and authors around the world! 33 women. 33 different perceptions of art and the world in the form of photography, song lyrics, book excerpts, personal life experiences, prose and poetry. 

 5 Star Reviews!

What are reader's saying about 'Her World'? 

5 out of 5 Stars!

"An amazing compilation of photography, poetry, drawings, narratives, real-life events, and more, Her World: Creative Collections by Her Place Any Region brings together the thoughts and experiences of women from different parts of the world. The collection is divided into six categories: dejection, survival, hope, healing, salubrity, and love. I Will Never Allow is a poem in the first part, dejection. It carries a passionate message of growth and setting limits: “I will never allow your darkness to dim my light. I will allow my growth to help you blossom.” In Some of You May Know, Lorelai Vilandre shares her struggle with depression and her healing journey in healing, the fourth part of the collection. Exploring light-hearted discussions such as childhood memories and tough topics like cancer, the compilation will resonate with many women.

I loved that Her World is not only restricted to prose but includes photography and art that brighten the pages and that add to the messages. The collection is extensive and opening a new page felt like I was moving to another engaging experience. I also liked that the collection involves the perspectives and experiences of women from different parts of the world. The similarities and unity in their thoughts and experiences were other amazing aspects of the work. The collection also discusses important topics such as sexual abuse, anxiety and depression, ADHD, childhood trauma, and more in a sensitive way. Her World by Her Place Any Region is a vast and inspiring collection that brings attention to crucial issues. It also contains special moments and incredible insight." ~  By Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

5 out of 5 Stars!

"Her World: Creative Collections by Her Place Any Region is an inspiring collection of heartfelt personal experiences, poetry, and stories by women for women. The subjects covered are vast and varied but each will embolden women to be the best they can be while boosting their self-worth. From dealing with emotional and mental issues to philosophy, relationships, and spirituality, there is an abundance of enlightenment throughout. You will discover the importance of living your life authentically and choosing your own unique path in life. How can we live our lives with confidence and courage through adversity and troubled times? How can we see the bright light when all seems dark? These women's words will speak to you on a deep, meaningful level that you can apply to your own personal circumstances. 'I’ve taken my life back some, watch out, life, because here I come!' - Mallory Bever and Lorelai Vilandre

Her World by Her Place Any Region is a brilliant selection of work by some brave and talented women. This is the kind of book that you can pick up every day for those words of wisdom and golden nuggets of encouragement. There are so many subjects covered but each is written with so much heart and honesty, you feel they were written for you. You are encouraged to own your feelings, take responsibility for your own happiness and decisions, and not rely on outside influencers. To be brave and trust your gut instinct and not be afraid to choose yourself over others at times. The contributors to this book have faced some pretty horrendous situations and the way they reflect upon them is so uplifting. I read some sections of the book with a smile on my face, nodding in agreement, and others with tears in my eyes. A definite guide for every woman, especially those who are just about to embark on their adult journey. The line from One Drop, 'Here I find myself again, At the mercy of my own judgment,' is now on my kitchen noticeboard." ~ Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite   

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About Her World

About The Contributors:

‘Her World’ brought to you by Her Place, Any Region, is a collaborative anthology from women around the world. These women come from all different backgrounds, cultures, and societies. Despite their diversities, they all share a common belief: sharing their talents to create unified peace and compassion, while encouraging and supporting one another throughout the world. 

Through this book, they each give a piece of themselves, sharing personal heartfelt experiences, their talents, and their beauty. 

The women participating all believe in core values, in acceptance and understanding, healing, and helping. 

About The Book:

Her Place has created this forum of expression that others may relate to, with hopes to bring women together to share their experiences, their talents, and their dreams ongoing with one another. 

Whether she be a mother, an entrepreneur, an entertainer, or an artist, she should be recognized and respected for who she is, a woman of invaluable worth.

This book is an introduction into relationships and sharing among women. there is an understanding that amongst our differences, there are similarities in our experiences which can bring us together to learn and empower one another. 

Her World showcases the female mind, her creativity, her diversity, her resilience. This beautifully eclectic collaborative brings these experiences to life through print, combining the precious gifts found within the individuality of these ladies. 

We have created something for everyone, a writing of heart and soul, like a treasure box of life...

From the creators of Her Place, Any Region, we hope you enjoy this insight into the lives of these amazing women! Whether we are featuring a women’s book, a women’s photography, or a piece of her life, we are sharing just a glimpse of her very real world.

By her, about her, for her.

All of the contributors have donated their profits to support benevolent and charitable causes.
Her Place, Any Region