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Resources Not Requirements

~A sponsorship program for women, who are looking to make more conscious choices , specifically designed to help them transition to healthier lifestyles~


GLIMPSES looks to provide resources for women who are undergoing severe challenges while easing the stress that upheaval and devastation causes as they take steps forward to reconstruct their lives.

We continue to bring together a myriad of resources for our members for professional and personal empowerment.

Glimpses provides our members with a focused nine month program that will provide the resources and the emotional rehabilitation for women who have faced major life upheaval due to job or home loss, divorce and spousal death.

This program is designed to help women help themselves by providing resources needed to achieve the goals she sets in place for herself.

It is a benevolent focused program to help women.

These services are supported and provided through:

  • Fundraising
  • Members and Contributors
  • Donors and Sponsorships
  • Media Proceeds

Her Place, Any Region