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We are excited to highlight featured women and their work with ‘Books, Brands, Business, and Bands’!  
Whatever her work may be, Her Place, Any Region, will continue to bring to you links to ladies websites and professional pages.  

Pazable Creations- Darlene De La Paz

Imagine the PAZabilities...

PAZable Creations is a One Stop Creativity Shop offering creative solutions to all your marketing needs, specializing in ground up marketing strategy  for small to medium sized business.  Whether you're an established business owner looking to up your "A" game or a creative visionary/entrepreneur just starting out, PAZable Creations offers innovative design and marketing solutions at a competitive rate you can't afford to pass by.  Why settle for mediocre, when you could have  exquisite?!  Contact us today for a free quote!

Sheryl Lane Photography- Sheryl Lane

“Photography has been my passion since I was a teenager. After all these years, I still get lost in it and time flies whenever I have a camera in my hand. I love to capture the special essence of humans, a beautiful landscape and whatever insect crosses my path. Life is a fast-moving journey and I see every moment as one worth capturing. It is my heartfelt desire to share my passion with you through my moments and yours. “ ~Sheryl Lane, Sheryl Lane Photography 

Project Earth Walkers ~Coreen Roseanne Covert

“Making a Home

Where There is No Roof”

Coreen Covert, Berry and Friends, come together to form Project Earth Walkers  a program bringing together volunteers throughout their community to serve and meet the needs of the homeless. Their mission is to supply food, beverages, clothing and ground mats to those dealing with life on the street.

The Process of Awakening, Integration, Maturation ~Elena Nezhinsky

Elena Nezhinsky is a writer in the field of Awakening and Humanities, and is a pioneer of a global awakening movement. She is a writer, mentor and deep transformation coach in the area of spiritual awakening and integration.

Elena is the author of Buddha on a Bull: A Practical Approach to Enlightenment, and will soon be releasing Book 2 of The Complete Humanity Series.

Soul Poetry ~ Anita Bacha

Soul Poetry is a collection of the most fantastic and mind blowing inspirational poems, verses and quotes by published author, Anita Bacha 

More books by Anita:

‘The Maker of Miracles’ 

‘My Journey with God’ 

‘Ink Echo of Life and Love’ 

And the children’s book ‘The Princess and the Crow’

Ingra D'Abram Artistry ~ Ingra Kemp

Blog Nubia~ Abena Kito Hamilton

Shanta Paloma

Shanta Paloma is a refreshing & soulful singer-songwriter with a punk rock soul, sophisticated lyrics and an original indie rock sound.  According to Boston’s Metronome Magazine, she “rocks with the intensity of a magnitude 6.0 earthquake.”  Brandishing guitar prowess and tech savvy producership, Paloma brings unusual talent to the stage and to your stereo.  Her penchant for going in very different musical directions makes her music charismatic and happily hard to predict

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